Autism awereness accept adapt advocate face mask

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Autism awereness accept adapt advocate face mask. Order now before lose it forever.

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Lise QuinnMick Perkins no we did not vote on a wealth tax this last election. There were no initiatives whatsoever to vote on, only politicians…3 . Jay SmithMick Perkins And after they are fired they can get a better job.  . Jan J. RukaniecMick Perkins 90% . Jan J. RukaniecMark Bradley Our country is a mess. and for the first time in our history, our standard of living has been going down.1 . Jan J. RukaniecLise Quinn You’re right. When they do put initiatives on the ballot, they are not game changers. The wealth tax will not be on the ballot as an initiative because the politicians know the people will vote for it, and their financial backers wouldn’t … See More1 . Evelyn L. LumbyDylan Buchanan no . Nini HayesThey own our gov’t. Our gov’t is not going to regulate them. They’ve been legally allowed to get rich BY paying such low wages and keeping the profits. And it’s not that they shouldn’t do it ‘during’ this time.This time of unprecedented economic pain… See More61  Autism awereness accept adapt advocate face mask

Autism awereness accept adapt advocate face mask

Autism awereness accept adapt advocate face mask 1
Autism awereness accept adapt advocate face mask 2

Jeanine MarieThe government is in the pocket of the wealthy and creates the tax code (and exemptions) so the wealthy continue to get wealthy and the poor continue to stay poor. It’s the system that’s the problem and no one in that system is going to change it becau… See More54 . Maggie GreenfieldIn 1971 it became legal for corporations to donate money to candidates who were running for federal office. Before that it wasn’t legal. This is the real problem. . Howie FeinsteinWhat are you waiting for Bernie ? Wealth tax? Yeh do it !Spare me the sermon about tech giants. They are not the enemy. … See More2 . Deborah KookerI do not like putting people down just because they are fortunate with their business. It feels wrong making them the bad guys. I do feel no tax breaks for the rich should be allowed they should pay their fair share. 13  Autism awereness accept adapt advocate face mask

Autism awereness accept adapt advocate face mask

Minda L SiazonBoth GOP & DEM Party are FUNDED by Special Interests Groups, thus our politicians are indebted to them & DO “PAYBACK FAVORS”, neglect the needs of the people. America, we need a Party NOT FUNDED, a NO Super Pac members. UNITE, let’s Support this 3rd … See More6 . Nancy Dela CruzYes!! Tax Millionaires and billionaires appropriately. I am still angry with donald frump for giving them that huge tax break a couple of years ago. They already weren’t paying their share, and he made it even worse.… See More4 . Anthony Arnoldthis man Bernie Sanders is a socialist 100%, billionaires who busted their ass to get where they are making an amazing living income, and some guy in congress saying they don’t t deserve all that money. Somebody needs to break it to this guy that not … See More15

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