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Marco Good  · 38:13Amen, Bernie! Mohammed Ali was also my personal hero for his courageous leadership in the Resistance to the racist & immoral war on the People of Vietnam.5 . Susana Giles  · 27:37McConnell has to go! He’s just a very power hungry obstructionist. He cares only about corporations and the wealthy. 29 . Lawrence Deng  · 27:22We have to expand our majority in Congress. It’s too narrow…14 . Amy V Wright Israel  · 1:14:19 Bernie…I tried to vote for u twice. I dont think he’s too progressive. 4 . Top FanYajaira Kapler  · 1:06:59Kentucky listen to BERNIE! Republikkan’s don’t care about you!!! They only favor their RICH DONOR’S!!!! WAKE UP KENTUCKY! BERNIE LOVE YOU! THANK YOU! FOR BEING HERE TODAY!!!4 . Melissa Sanchez  · 1:15:03Thank goodness for your persistence to fight for what’s right in this country Senator Sanders, we love you!6 . Lawrence Deng  · 1:03:59I’m so done with universal healthcare… I am for single-payer healthcare!!! 5  Autism Dad Criss Cross Tank Top

Autism Dad Criss Cross Tank Top

Alisha Blackburn Bryant  · 1:13:12WE ARE ALL WORKING AMERICANS – LET’S UNITE IN OUR DEMOCRACY AND STOP ELECTING REPUBLICANS4 . Gregory Maya  · 28:18Here’s to working hard in 2022 to win more House and Senate seats for Dems and defeating authoritarian 1%-loving Republicans and their racist policies and anti-democratic voter suppression. 5 . Geni Monceaux Sisk  · 3:344 year college should be paid for by our taxes!! That’s an investment in our USA citizens and our brighter future!! 19 . Maryanne Tracy-Baker  · 1:32Bernie thank you for backing our President and VP ! 6 . Top FanYajaira Kapler  · 45:56Thank you BERNIE! For your endless hard work for the ordinary Americans! You are my hero! 11 . Lawrence Deng  · 35:50To all the GOP, now you know why I voted for Bernie Sanders? 6 . Top FanJasmin Payan  · 57:00Bernie, God bless you with abundance of healthy, straight, wisdom, protection and all you need to help us fight the big fight!!! 5  Autism Dad Criss Cross Tank Top

Autism Dad Criss Cross Tank Top

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