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Says the multi-millionaire who doesn’t create jobs or donate more money in taxes. . Cannabis and hemp normalization can SAVE the world! Energy, food, fuel, textiles, paper goods and plastics! . But boy howdy…when those same children are going hungry, y’all are sure eager to pass a bill that sends billions of dollars out of the country for things other than war.. Thank you, Senator Bernie Sanders. More jobs, to build back our Nation. Yes the Economy has to work for everyone. The Stimules package are a shot in the arm, and the Stimules part needs to keep coming if the Economy is going to rebound for the one hert the most, the poor. We will need several more Stimuls checks, of $2000.00 each. I get, made fun of by the Republian’s every time I bring this up. But for the stibility of most of us that had homes and worked most of our life’s, we are taken down to nothing. Lost it all so to speak, and it happened very fast. We are the people that build you tallest buildings, make the Trains, Jet Airplanes, t Faeries Boats in the Ship Yards , and manufacture the vessels for our Navy. We used to make most of the cars and the Trucks inside the United States of America. Let’s keep the Manufacturing of the Electric cars in this Country as much as possible. The large Electrical transformers, towers, isolation knobs, wire and cables need to be made here, and to better limits. The safety switches for higher voltages also, more need to be put on the grid along the transmission line towers. The wind turbines need to be American made. Bring good jobs, get jobs back to this Country. Help us back on our feet, you will never regret it. Thank you ! Autism Grandma Never Gives Up Criss Cross Tank Top

Autism Grandma Never Gives Up Criss Cross Tank Top

The last 40 years have shown that the majority of our legislators are not interested in progress. Do whatever you have to do to get these things passed.. The Republican Party still belongs to the orange maggot. They have no plans, proposals or ideas. Under McConnell they will continue the same obstruction they caused during the Obama administration. THAT, is the only plan they have.. I think we need to redefine what “bipartisan” is. Bipartisan means appealing to Republican, Democratic and Independent people, not necessarily their representatives in Congress. With so much systemic inequality in the way we elect our Representatives and Senators, Congress is weak and largely unrepresentative of the people. Systemic restructuring needs to happen down the line.. I hope you asked your colleagues who are holding out for bipartisanship, especially Sen. Manchin, to find the Republicans. If he can’t, maybe then he will understand and support his own party. Autism Grandma Never Gives Up Criss Cross Tank Top

Autism Grandma Never Gives Up Criss Cross Tank Top

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