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Over 35 years ago I worked at Giant grocery store, there were some young workers making over 10 dollars an hours. Today minimum wage should be 20 dollars an hour. I went to hardees and purchased a burger, fries and a soda the cost was 10 dollars and some change.. I pray every night to God to make the Billionaires understand that helping others is more important than the size of their bank account!. Instead of pushing the minimum wage which will cost more jobs than it helps why not push a living wage? Because 15.00 dollars an hour in a.small town goes alot farther than it does in a big city.. It’s time for you to realize if you give it away people will see no need for education and making their lives better.. I note that when Bernie became a millionaire he didn’t give it away to starving workers, he bought a couple new houses. Autism I See Your True Criss Cross Tank Top

Autism I See Your True Criss Cross Tank Top

Thank u Bernie for talking for is little guys and gals I’ll stand with you while u explain what we want good jobs , education for all + health care for all. We need people to stand up for the Brown family and Elizabeth City right now. What’s being done there is disgusting.. The struggle continues. Bernie’s brand of progressiveness is a good stepping stone towards a most noble goal: fundamentally transform this nation into a land where true justice and freedom prevail, and not the impostors capitalism has imposed in their place.. Do we get to speak at this “Town Hall”? Or are we supposed to be the adoring, captive audience?. Transform or indoctrinate?. Pretty sure if this was conservatives advertising for the town hall it would have been removed already.. Dave Chrispell. Great project!. Great project!. A.K.A. “Conversations to Preserve Capitalism.” No thanks.. Query: transform to what Democratic Socialism done correctly ideology? Autism I See Your True Criss Cross Tank Top

Autism I See Your True Criss Cross Tank Top

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