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Joe isn’t a horrible guy, he actually seems like a decent guy. But he hasn’t been able to inspire young people and the Democratic party cannot win without support from young voters. There’s millions of young folks who refuse to vote for Biden. Autism Low Top Shoes. And Biden doesn’t do well with Latinos either, which will be a huge liability in states like Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. Biden’s record on trade, which includes supporting policies like NAFTA, will not play well in swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Biden is not the best candidate to defeat Trump.

Autism Low Top Shoes

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Instead of handing cash out to people during this time to pay bill, how about banks, electric companies, cable, phones, insurance company and doctor bills wave all these bills for 2 months. For god sakes look at their tax breaks, subsides and loopholes they got. Autism Low Top Shoes. This man gives me no comfort or confidence in the government as he attempts to be in charge of us all. It’s like turning your life over to grandpa at the dementia center and hoping he will handle your financial well being. Stupid and uninformed comment on how Italian national healthcare system doesn’t work! We are rated number 2 by WHO and have one of the longest life expectancies- the fact that we have the Corona crisis is also because in the north over 25% of population is over 65. Really a cheap Trump type shot.

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