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Mark Callion Autism Proud Mama Criss Cross Tank Top Line item 2 & 3 are not expenses but comparing war expenses to other expenses presents a solid argument.. Chester Morris. Check your sources bernie Food stamp program never seems to run out of money.. We live in an inhumane society. The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is servant to the lender. Its a sad situation for non rich people.. “We” need to kill “Big Business” already! -No more farm subsidies ( especially corn! ) -NO MORE BAILOUTS! -NO MORE MILLIONAIRES & BILLIONAIRES!! -Term limits on House and Senate seats – A COMPLETE OVERHAUL OF THE US CONSTITUTION!!. Bernie, I love most of what you say, but how, how can we enact change? What are concrete steps were can take to change our government other than voting? Is there anything else we can do? Any way to leverage our representatives to actually work for us instead of them always chasing corporate money for reelection?

Autism Proud Mama Criss Cross Tank Top

Bernie you can’t keep spending money we don’t have. You say we’ll we will just print more, but sooner or later; most likely sooner there will be a day of reckoning. The end of the USA as we knew it, and it will be the dems fault.. It is evil to take money by force from the people who earned it to redistribute to people who didn’t earn it.. How about fixing Social Security. Denied once again for disability. But the billionaires pay nothing. Please tell Biden to sign off on student loan forgiveness or stop the act. We are not stupid. He is just solidifying reason for #Demexit. David Veach. The party of “family values” really doesn’t give a damn about families.. Jeff Hohener. What serious crises do we face today that justifies some 4 trillion dollars of additional spending that will only result in future crises? Autism Proud Mama Criss Cross Tank Top “I’d love to hear your ideas, but only if they’re the same as mine”

Autism Proud Mama Criss Cross Tank Top

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