Awesome lion and god canvas

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Awesome lion and god canvas. Order now before lose it forever.

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Debra Lynn ParsonsTo bad you decide to turn your back on the President! The man has been persecuted since before he took office., and full 4yrs he has been there..Impeached 2 times and based on lies ! And now you turn your back on him ..You will be remembered for that… See More1.8K . Jeanette JordanDebra Lynn Parsons turned his back on Americans too111 . Carol Ann FoleyDebra Lynn Parsons you don’t have a clue. He ranks as one of the best vice-presidents and people know he should have been president.46 . Connie RiceDebra Lynn Parsons and turned his back on Americans. 33 . June CareyDebra Lynn Parsons hell be remembered as a man of character who loved his country more than his boss did. He’s peaceful. Gave him his dues. Don’t b that hateful white nationalist 40 . Dianne GutierrezDebra Lynn Parsons Mr. Pence didn’t make Trump LIE, CHEAT & be a BULLY Trump did that on is OWN ! Now he can go play GOLF! 37  Awesome lion and god canvas

Awesome lion and god canvas

Awesome lion and god canvas 1
Awesome lion and god canvas 3
Awesome lion and god canvas 2

Deborah ThorpeDebra Lynn Parsons he was in on it with Paul Ryan….planned to take over Presidency. Hidden by FAKE NEWS THATS DESTROYED AMERICA ALONG WITH RHINOS CORRUPTION 22 . Rhonda SmithJeanette Jordan Thats the truth. The $hit Bidens doing is against Americans not Trump. 20 . Linda BryanJune Carey he turned his back on America and helped a Nazi take over! That’s what he is and will be remembered for!17 . Joey BedsoleDebra Lynn Parsons to turn his back would of been to implement the 25th. To follow the Constitution is not turning his back, it’s character. To do what’s right even when you are told to do wrong! 14 . Dayna Williams McCloskeyCarol Ann Foley you opened your mouth and removed all doubt of your low IQ. He’s a Judas !!14 . Amy AufmanDebra Lynn Parsons he turned his back on the Constitution and all Patriots who fight each day against Socialism and tyranny. He failed to do the Constitutionally right thing in sending electorals back to their state legislators as requested in letters… See More9  Awesome lion and god canvas

Awesome lion and god canvas

Dayna Williams McCloskeyJune Carey sounds like you are the hateful white nationalist 10 . Yen DangDebra Lynn Parsons 6 . Steve HeryfordJoey Bedsole 25th didn’t apply in any circumstances. It is thrown around by all of congress and they don’t even understand the context of the amendment. Their only option. For removal from office was impeachment and a subsequent conviction on the Sen… See More6 . Pam Wilson BridgesDebra Lynn Parsons , Trump perpetuated the big lie! It is time for our nation to heal! Pence didn’t turn his back on Trump- another big lie!!! He maintained his dignity and character even after Trump through him under the bus. It’s time to break away f… See More5 . Mark GorkaDebra Lynn Parsons and you might be remembered for those that bought the lies that led to insurrection. Worry about you.4 . Ronald Lee EvansPence Failed Trump he had the power last week he punted41

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