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Your party is the one that is responsible for this terrorist attack in America. Awesome wow face mask.  You knew you couldn’t get the votes without a major upheaval to make a Trump look bad. But as you said lately in an interview when you could actually put two words together, the police are the enemy. How many folk will that kill adult home Joe

Awesome wow face mask

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face mask – detail

Please fight for the Xtra unemployment $600..The newly unemployed not only need assistance with food and rent but they also need the money to pay for their Cobra insurance payments or finding affordable health insurance now that their employers are no longer providing it for them. Awesome wow face mask. This seems to be a topic that none of the DNC is even mentioning when fighting the GOP when it comes to this extended benefit. It would be a perfect time to also bring up the fact why Medicare for All would be beneficial for situations like this if God forbid it happens again. Shout out to Covid for being the main reason numerous other diseases death rates have drastically dropped…. not saying people dont die from this disease, just pointing out maybe those numbers are extremely exaggerated.

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