Aztec Mexico Custom Name Tumbler

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Aztec Mexico Custom Name Tumbler . Order now before lose it forever.

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Rules to be followed governor…we can’t just throw sick Covid patients back into healthy seniors in homes. If he had a modicum of a clue as to how the election process plays out, the rule of law or anything remotely constitutional, he would realize the majority has spoken & will continue to be heard, while EVERY legal vote is counted.. There was a lot illegal votes and i am sure you know about it! Thats not democracy!!!. It’s almost like the nursing home vote!. Governor Cuomo, you need to run in 2024. Please.. What the handsome Governor said.. What kind of person road blocks a potential corona vaccine….you are the worst governor this state has ever had . Every vote counts, every voice should be heard, and showing some respect to the poll workers would be very much appreciated.. It’s insane how many conspiracies have formed during this pandemic. “Masks are bad,” “there is no virus,” “counting votes is fraud.” Insane what’s happening. Aztec Mexico Custom Name Tumbler

Aztec Mexico Custom Name Tumbler

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You witnessed a POTUS that has lost what was left of his mind. He’s sick and desperate.. Even if the person who voted is decreased…count every vote.. The Dictator of NYS is trying to give us a lesson on democracy. I’ve officially seen it all.. There is only one silver lining to Joe Biden winning: he takes you with him.. Yep and this is how Cuomo wins he must stack the votes in New York City too. Remember this when we have to vote for him that is probably how his dad won too. Time to get him out as well.. I feel very sorry for America. What an embarrassment. I will wear my Canadian pin everywhere I go in the world.. This has been a conniving strategy for months, he is a con man and of course he is babbling this to put in the minds of his followers. I’m scared what can happen from now until January with this maniac. Aztec Mexico Custom Name Tumbler

Aztec Mexico Custom Name Tumbler

Didnt we count all the votes in 2016? Why upset now! Duh!. How humanity works: don’t send knowingly positive Covid elders back to their nursing homes.. Some people make up new rules if the old rules don’t work for them.. Every legal vote. Illegal votes should not be counted.. Love the fact that somehow our mail in voting system which has always worked before for our overseas American servicemen has suddenly been called into question. Wonder how many people have even thought about the fact that refusing to count mail in ball… See More. I cannot believe a little word you say…..a professional liar. I had a lot of faith in you. Then covid.. it was your agenda. Even votes from dogs?. But every vote has to be legit .. that’s the problem. Every legal vote! Yes. And when there are more votes than registered voters…. you stop and investigate.

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