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Until 1828 you and your generation had not any real history. Baby Yoda Dutch Bros Coffee. After Turkmenchay agreement in 1828 Russia sent you to Caucasus for changing religion of this region.

Baby Yoda Dutch Bros Coffee

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Baby Yoda Dutch Bros Coffee sweatshirt
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İn 1918 we gave you lands from us for help. But you beat us from back. You are evil people. You will never know Turks because you dont even know your real history. I’m not going to argue with you about that in facebook comments. Anybody who is interested in this topic can research for 5 minutes and see that what you just wrote here is something that only crazy manipulated zombie would write. I can only laugh and feel sorry for you. People can be too ignorant when they are controlled by the country and dictator. China is economically influencing the world. But people have been very oppressed for a long period. Baby Yoda Dutch Bros Coffee. So human rights can’t be recognised. If you see his original comment, you shall see he supported a specific Muslim group in China called East Turkestan Movements, which have conducted lots of terrorism actions in China since 2005 and caused lots of death. That’s why bbc doesn’t mention his original post in the news. Pan you got it wrong there. His original post was about East Turkestan one of the geographical names of the region in which he mentioned it clearly. He never said anything about the East Turkestan Movement. Xiuming Pan, don’t back the Communist government, even the Facebook plaform you’re using to express your ideas is banned as well. I cannot totally agree with you. What I disapprove is terrism not specific religion. They are equal.

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