Baby Yoda Hug Coca Cola shirt, v-neck, hoodie

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They don’t have time or money to get anything constructive done. Baby Yoda Hug Coca Cola. You said it, all they can do is impeach. Trump was handed a economy on the rise?

Baby Yoda Hug Coca Cola

Baby Yoda Hug Coca Cola v-neck
Baby Yoda Hug Coca Cola tank topBaby Yoda Hug Coca Cola tank top
tank top
Baby Yoda Hug Coca Cola hoodie

Lmao like all those job killing restrictions and shutting down coal plants from democrats. sending more of our companies overseas. your a real special kind! Jase Allen our last 3 president did nothing for this country but fill there own pockets and take Vacations and President Trump had and still is cleaning the awful mess they put this country and the American people in! Obama stated in his speeches numerous times that the economy will take decades to reach the levels it is currently at! Baby Yoda Hug Coca Cola. He said job growth would also take more than a decade to reach the current unemployment levels! They economy and unemployment numbers he keeps trying to claim as his! To deny his own words is even more embarrassing! More coal-fired power plants have been deactivated in Trump’s first two years in office then in Obama’s entire first term. When asked about the President’s claim to be the savior of coal, veteran miner and industry consultant Art Sullivan bristles. I just wanted you to admit the media was lying about Donald Trump making the economy tank. Donald Trump said he might get 3% or 4% growth and they laughed at him. Whether you knew it was on an upswing or not just says how much the media doesn’t know lol. If economics is so clear to you why aren’t you working for some outlet to tell the truth?

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