Baby Yoda Hug Pepsi shirt and hoodie and sweatshirt

Do you want it? Baby Yoda Hug Pepsi. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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Hey shithead, the People lived through the Obama nightmare and no amount of liberal media bullshit is going to convince them that things were good. Baby Yoda Hug Pepsi. Peter van Aller hey stupid, when they have done nothing but investigation after investigation instead of actually working on things that would benefit our nation then yes they are holding him back!

Baby Yoda Hug Pepsi

Baby Yoda Hug Pepsi sweatshirt
Baby Yoda Hug Pepsi longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee
Baby Yoda Hug Pepsi hoodie

Just like you jackasses screamed when a Republican controlled Congress held up obummer! Harris tell me how he spent 120 million playing golf when his family owns the resort? There is a nominal fee charged as is customary since it would be a conflict of interest for him to stay for free! Obama took lavish vacations around the world on our dime! His wife took 300 of their dupaughters friends to Europe for a damn birthday party which was paid for with tax payers money! Wanna try again with the 120 million BS! John Bentley kinda like your moronic statement! Had the charity mishandling been a big issue there would be impeachment articles written about it! Just like Russia collusion, or the quid pro quo! Not one damn law has been broken! Baby Yoda Hug Pepsi. The democrats only had eyes and ears for that damn BS investigation! Which was launched by the Democrat party the day he was elected! And the was only a 1 seat majority in the house which because of rinos was none existent! So don’t give me that majority crap! Thomas Morey it ain’t us boomers, it’s you little whiny ass liberals who repeat anything you’re told by your party of hate, truth is not in your vocabulary. Little sissy millenials who don’t know how to dial a rotary phone even. Give us facts to handle, we’ve been “handling” our own a lot longer than you’ve been peeing your pants.

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