Baby Groot Hug Queen shirt and sweatshirt

Do you want it? Baby Groot Hug Queen. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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To be fair,if people are dumb enough to think that a mask will protect them , fair play to people making a few quid on ebay and amazon. Baby Groot Hug Queen. I don’t.

Baby Groot Hug Queen

Baby Groot Hug Queen v-neck
Baby Groot Hug Queen sweatshirt
Baby Groot Hug Queen longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee

I checked the price out of interest yesterday when I heard that the supermarket shelves were being emptied. I wouldn’t buy anything like masks from the web. Baby Groot Hug Queen. I’ve heard stories of people in china getting old used masks and selling them off. It’s really weird, if you say gullible 5 times really fast, it sounds like you’re saying “Lemons” ..oh and piracy is illegal they won’t get away with it. Media causes panic buying. Of course people will take advantage. Hand gel and disinfectant single use wipes are over-hyped anyway. Soap and water more effective and far far cheaper. Less plastic waste too. Not a free market after all, where is Adam Smith when you need him? He will explained it didn’t work then, it will not work now. Surgeons use an anti bacterial type soap and water, not hand sanitiser before operating on people. If it’s good enough for them. Surgeons have a good reason to be completely sanitised; you should not seek to destroy all bacteria on your hands because the vast majority of it forms your natural body flora which actually helps protect you from infection. Wash with soap and water to remove anything on the surface that shouldn’t be there, but also keep the ones that should. Typically what is used is a Betadine (iodine) based scrub solution. Sometimes they will use something like clorhexadine soap. Then they scrub with this stuff for 5 minutes, for the first procedure for the day.

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