Baby Yoda Hug Dallas Cowboys shirt, lady shirt, sweatshirt

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Thats why we pay taxes for. Baby Yoda Hug Dallas Cowboys. To have healthcare.

Baby Yoda Hug Dallas Cowboys

Baby Yoda Hug Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt
Baby Yoda Hug Dallas Cowboys lady shirt
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Right now we are being scammed by insurances and pharma, why are so many people blind about this?? We pay, technically a tax in form of premiums, copays, deductibles and still are being denied for healthcare. What part of that people dont understand? That is not very difficult. Medicare for All! You pay into it all your working days to age 65. Employer matches your payments. Baby Yoda Hug Dallas Cowboys. When you do qualify, you still have a monthly premium and that cost is based on your annual net income from any investments, social security and pension funds. Not a freebie! This is the third story I’ve heard this week about Christians trying to put the Christ back in Christ-like. It’s a Christmas miracle. If every church did what it was supposed to with its wealth it would solve so much more issues Kudos to this church for giving back. The people who pay tithe and offerings to the church have already been taxed. Most churches support charities and missions from the money received. The rest pays the pastor’s salary and the expenses of day to day. Some are still paying for the building to be built. When God has blessed a church like this one they choose to help others. Doris Thompson don’t need any churches blessings. Save them for yourself. Churches could contribute another 84 billion into the system. They have as much money as the big corporations. If the ultra wealthy and churches were taxed we’d have M4A and none of this would be a problem. People would be able to get the help they needed without dying from debt.

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