Baby groot hug yoda face mask

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I can’t want until I see pictures of Trump packing up his stuff and leaving the oval office forcefully. Baby groot hug yoda face mask. We are not Venezuela where the president refused to lose the election.

Baby groot hug yoda face mask

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face mask- pic 1

Thank God for our great country and laws that protect us against that. This is what you get for electing him. What if the Senate convicted him after impeachment? He’d be gone with no worries about election legitimacy to worry about in November. Baby groot hug yoda face mask. This is the price of democracy. Can a president be impeached twice? Maybe the republicans can help ensure every polling location is open or people are notified well in advance. I can see Trump calling Covid-19 a non hoax disease and quarantining the American people come this November’s election! That would be great. As long as they don’t claim it will spread Covid19. Ya know, its OK to protest but can’t go Church or you’ll die. Don’t be a moron, it’s been proven mail in voting has extremely low instances of voter fraud. Cheating is redistricting and closing polling stations in areas you know vote for the other party. Which by the way Republicans are famous for. Do you know that soldiers that are out on duty in November get to vote via mail, are you calling them cheaters too? How about good ole Donny who also voted by mail in the past? Well we know he’s a cheater but nonetheless, mail-in ballots are the best way to vote. I’ve been voting that way for over a decade.

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