Baby Yoda Steelers shirt and hoodie

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It is interesting that we’re willing to empathize with animals’ suffering in the course of nature, but not in the industrial reproduction, neglect, and slaughter of animals to serve our own purposes. This is heart wrenching? Baby Yoda Steelers. Try going to a dairy farm or slaughterhouse. We need to wake up.

Baby Yoda Steelers shirt and hoodie

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Would the octopus have been able to eat the eagle if it had successfully drowned it? I would have saved it too because I feel it wouldn’t have been consumed, I would love to know though. I’m thinking this was the eagle trying to eat the octopus and the tables were turned on him. If you google an Octopus natural diet, birds are included. Bald Eagles are not really endangered anymore but efforts are still active to consider them a protected species. It could go either way tbh, had the octopus been a bit smaller it would be an eagle meal and I doubt anyone would care. Interesting how the bird was night thrashing, and the octopus was just floating. And the octopus just releases it. No trashing around like it’s mine. I’ve see first had how hard snakes hold on to prey and will not let go. My dad pulled a gopher snake out from under a bush that had a rabbit. The rabbit survived and the snake survived, but dang! The octopus was just ok I’ll let it go. So maybe what were seeing is not what were use to. Baby Yoda Steelers. Maybe the Octopus was keeping the bird afloat. Were not the only mammal to show empathy towards other creatures. Whales protect seals from killer whales, Killer whales will save seal pups, dolphins will endanger there lives for humans. May be I’m wrong. But that’s just my take on the video.

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