Back the blue heart 3d face mask

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If Democrats cared about disparity, they wouldn’t be leaving their cities in flames. With broken homes, poor education, insane poverty, drug addiction, crime and murders. Just look at last weekend in Chicago. And the weekend before that, and the weekend before that. Back the blue heart 3d face mask.  These are all democrat run cities and have been for generations. Democrats own that hell.

Back the blue heart 3d face mask

Back the blue heart 3d face mask - detail
face mask – detail

That he’s looking at the facts that literally every scientist has been saying for over a month now? Making sure people of color have equal healthcare isn’t divisive – it’s taking a legitimate, measurable problem and saying we need to find a solution for it. Pointing out that some races are dying at greater rates than others and raising the rallying cry to do something about it is “divisive”? Back the blue heart 3d face mask. I suppose it shouldn’t be discussed if it offends you or makes you feel uncomfortable ….or if it doesn’t affect you. Love you Joe! Let’s “rescue” America again! All President Obama’s hard work down the gutter by our current comic in chief. The trolls are on you in force! Thanks for being the person of integrity, compassion, and honor that you are. Cannot wait till you are our president

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