BAE Black And Educated Poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. BAE Black And Educated Poster. Order now before lose it forever.

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Get your facts straight lady. My ballot hasn’t been counted yet in California and my daughter didn’t even vote even though we voted in person together. What’s wrong with that picture? Everything.. Please keep reminding the “children” that they cant rewrite the rules when the game is being played…. What more should we expect from an insecure megalomaniac bully? Let’s just follow Joe & Kamala to rebuild our nation and our people.. Senator Feinstein – Here’s to future President – Mr. Biden!!. Not because it’s no in a democratic way it’s wrong? Are you saying everyone including the president should be democratic and we all should not have a choice that’s sure how you make it sound. Thats not what he said.. he just wants the ballots validated. There’s a reason states are now coming to the microphone and explaining the issues they’re having. Please don’t lie to us.. Remember, there is a lot on those ballots besides Trump versus Biden. There are propositions, local elections, Congress, and numerous other races. All votes must count! BAE Black And Educated Poster

BAE Black And Educated Poster

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Respectfully, the bill is full of pork. The organizational communication from the Dems is terrible. You need to all be posting, tweeting, emailing THE SAME message and shaming the GOP into remembering average Americans.. It is not enough. You caved to McConnell. There should have been no further tax breaks for the wealthy. That money belongs to the taxpayers….I am very disappointed.. 5600 pages of pork. I could have written a bill on one page to cover US citizens needs. You and your kind must be ousted from office.. Waste of money on useless deficit spending and pile up of the catastrophic National. Weak negotiations. 6 months to come up with 600. Pitiful. Not one of you deserves a paycheck.. This bill is embarrassing you shouldn’t support it you should be disappointed. You and the Republicans are one in the same.. As I’ve come to better understand the extent to which both political parties have sold out to the profit over people paradigm I find your rhetoric lacking in sincerity more each day. BAE Black And Educated Poster

BAE Black And Educated Poster

Vote RED, your freedoms will disappear with democrats. Joe Biden is a sell out to China.. You need to go, like years ago. You helped Graham get re-elected. You promoted Barrett to be on the SC, which means you are against women’s rights.. Sigh. Learn to use the internet and find facts. Its what the rest of us do.
Find Your Polling Place :: California Secretary of State. Please Retire Diane. You’ve been wonderful for California, but your Time has come. You let us down during Barrett hearings.. Vote RED to keep America as we have known it.. My voice will be heard next time you are up for re-election.. Voting red across the board.. County registrar of voters is also a good reliable source.. It’s so hard to post controversial items on this senator’s FB page. So I decided to INVADE and INTERRUPT this current string topic.Here’s Gianna Jessen, (link) a rare survivor of this moral ABOMINATION that your senator championed when voting

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