Baka Rabbit Slap Japanese shirt and tank top

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10 years of a Labour Government saw a decrease on national debt year upon year. Baka Rabbit Slap Japanese. The financial crash was world wide it devastated everyone.

Baka Rabbit Slap Japanese

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Baka Rabbit Slap Japanese tank top
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We were left with around 1 trillion debt. We voted the Tories in and they cut all investment. 9 years on, people are starving and kids are stabbing each other. we’re 1.8 trillion in debt. Almost double. Enough. These aren’t even the fools we elected 9 years ago. These are the fools we’re left with! Tell the kids that have been let down by the schooling system that the ones that have had no school for over a year cause they have special educational needs ! I first hand have had to deal with that! David Pye you say Labour can’t be trusted when Boris has been proved to be a serial liar. Shame on you. Baka Rabbit Slap Japanese. The national debt after Labour were in power has increased from 0.95 trillion to 2.2 trillion despite 9 years of austerity. Also the surplus in the NI fund which should have been paid to WASPI women was transferred to reduce the national debt. The document to prove this was provided to the Judicial review. Just take a look around the world there isn’t a Tory ( liberal) party that are there for the people….. It’s there role to take out of the community while it’s Labor’s role to put into the community. Have you not been around for the last 10 years of Tory shambolic rule? Austerity? Food banks, police cuts, NHS cuts, child poverty, homelessness. Complete and utter inability to tell the truth.

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