Baking is my superpower face mask

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Baking is my superpower face mask. Order now before lose it forever.



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Let me paint the picture for you I have no car my ballot has not arrived and now to vote I have to go to one of only 200 voting locations in the state and wait in long lines to vote now how I’m getting to the polling location? Do you know see the problem? Baking is my superpower face mask.  I am in no way saying vote by mail is not easier but it only works when everyone gets their ballot.

Baking is my superpower face mask

Baking is my superpower face mask - detail
face mask – detail

I sure do hope that people are able to figure out the mail in voting for the first time. We’ve had it is WA for nearly a decade and there are still issues every year, so the poll booths are a safe back up option in case anything go wrong. And would have thought BECAUSE of Covid more poll locations would mean people can social distance safely. There is purposeful inequity in the system! I’m glad you voted! Others, however, aren’t receiving their ballots (read:African Americans and god only knows WHO else) for mail in voting. Baking is my superpower face mask. If they wish to vote in person…which is, of course, their only alternative…their polling stations have been axed. And yet they still try and wait in line for 4-7 hours in an environment that is conducive to spreading COVID-19! That is if they have the means to get to the new polling station which has been strategically placed so far away! There’s only one group trying, here, and it’s the voters! Your government is third world corrupt…do you not get that?! So glad that you got your ballot in the mail but that is NOT the case across your racist driven country

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