Bank of dad happy father’s day mug



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Ruth Buffalo. Kathy Olalde. Shelia Alridge, my comment above about an unallowed charge was a possible reason for your charge – unlike Colleen Langewisch’s concept of me “interpreting” policies. I suggested it, in case you had not already checked into it. It may also be that your coverage had hit the max of $1,000, and they billed for the balance of the allowed amount. I can’t give you a definite answer, but since you tagged me, I wanted to give you a suggestion.. Sylvia Martinez, I don’t think it’s accurate to say that providers aren’t reimbursed properly. What is “proper” is up to the provider to decide. It’s a negotiation. If a provider is satisfied with the suggested coverage levels, then they can join the network. So, some do and some don’t. There is a long list of dental providers in my plan’s network, so there are plenty of good dentists to choose from. I don’t see the point of complaining that some dentists don’t want to join. Bank of dad happy father’s day mug

Bank of dad happy father’s day mug

FYI Medicaid does cover dentures, hearing aides and glasses … so if you on public assistance you get better medical insurance than people who earned their Medicare health coverage working … Not fair !!. I have to say, I really was for you, but working with Medicare, you aren’t helping, because those plans are out there. How about instead of talking this crap, it’s not there, how about promoting it is there and educating… and helping them figure out how to get it….smh. My teeth were causing me pain. I was so glad to get the covid 19 check. But, to fix my teeth it cost 1,000 more than both my wife’s and my checks together. Thank God for the Democrats.. Bernie – let’s talk about the lack of senior care in this country. Alzheimers and dementia sufferers are still people and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Bank of dad happy father’s day mug

Bank of dad happy father’s day mug

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