Basketball pattern filter face mask

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No business should be bailed out… bail out the employee’s and if the employees decide to spend their money on those businesses fine if they don’t tuff luck. Businesses made a bet on the politicians they supported and they should have to suffer the consequences of those decisions, not simply hand the resulting losses off to tax payers. Basketball pattern filter face mask. Billionaires will keep getting away with everything they want as long as they want. This is our reality, the world reality. They won’t stop at nothing because they know there’s no real consequences for their crimes.

Basketball pattern filter face mask

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It should not happen. Trump has thrown trillions of dollars of the people’s money into the greedy jaws of the very wealthy. Basketball pattern filter face mask. There’s no need reason or justification for this. Trump needs to go. Trump and company were the first in line to grab tax payers money as a bailout for their failing hotels, then fires anyone who has power to interject. Wallstreet should be completely private! If they get a bailout then there should be a government takeover of this. Again corporate welfare. Hedge fund managers do not need bailouts, they are some of the most corrupt wealthy in the country! Trump and his cronies want to save them to protect the money handlers that shift their fortunes around.

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