Basketball Pineapple Hawaiian Shirts

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Please run for President of the United States! We the people need you more than ever!. I normally agree with Trey, but I do object to the term leaders. The people we elect are our. The pundant we have now is NOT competent mentally. We need to oust him. RIGGED ELECTION. All those executive signatures could be overturned.. Right now all we have is what’s left over. Trump…. as polarizing as he was, was the first person in a long line of bought and paid for career politicians, who selflessly dedicated himself to what the actual people want for this country, not a few cra… See More. Well our only exceptional leader was cheated out of his landslide Election in our country and our Department of Justices just ignored all the Voting Fraud across America and then turned their backs on the American Citizen’s and didn’t even give Preside… See More Basketball Pineapple Hawaiian Shirts

Basketball Pineapple Hawaiian Shirts

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We would rather have representatives who know their place.. So is it even a thing to expect a high standard from elected leaders and then to actually get that from them? Or is this just a one-way contract? You know, like it’s ok to expect something should be a certain way just so long as you don’t expect it to … See More. We just want adults to represent American people and their interests. This partisan rancor needs to cease. Sadly, it will not until. A nation filled with the majority of great people all being lead by horrific leaders. How did that happen? Cheaters? Liars? You tell me Trey? How come all our leaders suck???. They are NOT leaders, they are supposed to serve us as representatives.. We don’t need “leaders”. What we need is representatives and for our representatives to stop thinking they are our leaders.. We need some way to oversee what congress does. They have no one to answer to because we know they don’t listen to their constituents. No member should be setting their own salary or how long their tenure is. Voting does not work because after this … See More Basketball Pineapple Hawaiian Shirts

Basketball Pineapple Hawaiian Shirts

Please! Trey Gowdy was as owned as any of them, he was fast friends with Paul Ryan. Admittedly, he talked a good game but, what did he ever actually get done? Serious question. I dont see many leaders in DC since President Trump left.. we seemed to have lost that since the time i first started working with congress and it’s staffs…sad to say. It is so sad that there seems to be no choice but to allow the cheaters to win. This is so wrong.. Trey, I would love to see you in the Whitehouse, but you need to stop feeling like Anerican’s need leadership. We need people to oversee our business….managers…. if you will….and the POTUS is the CEO. We don’t have leaders, we elect representatives.. Currently we have one exceptional leader God, otherwise we are quite lacking.. Let’s remember the politicians in Congress are NOT our leaders, they ARE OUR REPRESENTATIVES. They work for us.

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