Bath Soap Company Puggle Poster

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This is why the federal government uses FEMA and can buy and distribute according to the need. Bath Soap Company Puggle Poster. He is the leader.

Bath Soap Company Puggle Poster

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Poster – A2
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Poster – A1

Hats off Cuomo. Bath Soap Company Puggle Poster. Every governor, leaders should be like him. He is doing excellent because he is feeling responsibility and love for people from heart! I fully understand his frustration and care for the people of NewYork. To attempt to degrade people who are in this fight with him does not produce any more ventilators. Disagree with some of the policies he put in place but I stand behind him 1000%. He is handling this like a leader should and doing everything he can for us. that’s because you believe Como’s lies like today after refusing to replenish the states respirators and passing on the opportunity to buy 15,000 of them he blames Trump and then says trumps not sending him anything while he is sitting in front of a warehouse full of aid said Trump was only sending 400 respirators when in fact the trump administration sent 4000 today along with agreeing to build hospitals and medical centers for New York what more would you want from the Trump administration. You’re right. Cuomo is terrible. In 2015 he knew he needed to buy 16,000 respirators and balked at it. NY is losing people to out migration for years. go back to school and learn about sentences. Trump sent 400 masks, not 4000. Even if he did send 4000, that’s not enough. Trump is a complete embarrassment. You bring up “lies”? Give me s as break. Trump couldn’t tell the truth to save his life.

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