Batman bat shield logo face mask

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And some of us warned and screamed and shouted about how devastating electing him could be. Batman bat shield logo face mask . Even we couldn’t have believed that the republicans would, in lockstep, choose to be traitors to their own country and enable Trump to become a dictator.

Batman bat shield logo face mask

Batman bat shield logo face mask - detail
face mask – detail

Hillary is not a narcissist ! Hillary would have made a great president he’s killing people he’s got blood on his hands and still sleeps at night because he has NO feelings NO love NO compassion NO empathy you need them things to run the country! Batman bat shield logo face mask . Hillary had all them feelings he walked around the stage in 2016 and intimidated her and told the Russians to look into her emails he should have got thrown off the stage and he should have never been able to become president for saying them words!! Till this day I want to know why he said that and got away with it ?? I want to hear people say lock him up lock him up and I’d love to put the cuffs on him I’d love to see him in an orange jumpsuit he’s a narcissist

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