Be our guest but please leave by 9pm doormat

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Jude Muzukulu Wa AbrahamEvery time I have a bad day, I think of the gals who refused Bill gates when he was still a teenager345 . Jan RichardsI am very encouraged every time I eread about the amazing work the Gates Foundation is doing, but even more now when I learn about how they’re already working on PREVENTING the next pandemic. Bill and Melinda are and will always be my heroes. I invite … See More277 . Jennifer RyellI can’t commend Bill and his wife enough for the amazing work they do through the gates foundation. They have given millions and will continue to give much of their wealth away.784 . Rafael AlcaldeThank you Bill for all the great things you have done with your mind, effort and money in benefit of human kind!301 . Michael CorcoranThank you Bill and Melinda for literally putting your money where your mouth is. You have been the spokespersons and visionaries for a society that is focused on a future where world disparities are minimized. Pay no attention to those detracting foo… See More314  Be our guest but please leave by 9pm doormat

Be our guest but please leave by 9pm doormat

Janet SmithYour ideas for a quick response pandemic team and the supporting labs and training are just what the world needs. I hope you are in communication with our new administration and other world leaders about this. We hike many of us have been helping durin… See More452 . Kelechi OgbonnaYou are not God… Your demonic plan to change the human way of life will fail woefully.. there is a God in heaven..487 . Gospel’s Jiu-JitsuTurn your hearts to Jesus Christ and His message. It is only through him that we can, not only survive this harsh time, but also live a plentiful and happy life.166 . Kyle Emmett LackeyGiving away more of your billions would help lead to long term change. Push other billionaires to donate the profits they made during the pandemic. You and the rest of the billionaire elites could do far more with the wealth that you all are currently … See More113  Be our guest but please leave by 9pm doormat

Be our guest but please leave by 9pm doormat

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