Beagle Dog I love mom Mug

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Beagle Dog I love mom Mug. Order now before lose it forever.



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Boeing which pays their employees BANK even has a Union, why can’t Amazon, Walmart and McDs be union? The rich have programmed Americans to well to look down on other and only worry about them selfs. It’s time to start looking out for each other and not the rich.. A company whose employees vote to unionize generally deserves it. Happy, content workers who are fairly paid and treated generally won’t vote ro unionize. or at least that’s the way it used to be. Unionizer guys came to a company I worked at and we vot… See More. Thank you for your advocacy Bernie! Bezos, Stop competing with other billionaires, be one of the BEST & GENEROUS. Allow your employees to UNIONIZED. You’ll be Admired & Appreciated!. tRump showed us all what OurDemocracy means to us. After 4 disastrous years, Bernie and Biden have the guts to restore what it means and lead us to a less selfish and hate filled existence. Beagle Dog I love mom Mug

Beagle Dog I love mom Mug

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Nini HayesWe need to boycott Amazon as much as we can to support the workers. They could pay them all wonderful salaries and STILL make a huge profit. That company has to be boycotted for the sake of everyone. 31 . Patricia FlemingI have 2 daughters, BOTH ARE UAW MEMBERS! By not ordering from AMAZON I am standing in solidarity.7 . Marsha Lake EyreWhat does Amazon have to lose? A few billion. Monstrous greed .4 . Andrea Simone SheehanI am just ashamed that these mega companies don’t want to have happy employees11 . Maria Luciano HernandezI have always thought that unions are good for administrators/owners/workers. Win/win/win! 6 . Doug EllisTreat your workers well and with respect and there will be no need for a union.6 . William YieldingI truly believe in workers rights, but as a Michigander growing up with these Union workers…they do think they’re royalty and are why no one like unions. Always heard stories of them getting fucked up in the GM lot whilst getting paid $$$$ Privileg… See More3  Beagle Dog I love mom Mug

Beagle Dog I love mom Mug

A penny for those of us still supporting grown up children? . And not a single Republican in Congress voted for it, but voted huge tax cuts for the 1%’ers and a Trump stimulus bill giving trillions to large corporations. Disgusting!!!. Does all this add up to 1.9 Trillion??. So nice that the trillions spent won’t just benefit those that already have more than enough!. It’s a very needed rescue plan and thank you president Biden vice president Harris House and Senate Democrats God bless you. Fabulous!. But no one wants to stop the billions in US dollars going to foreign aid, when we should be trying to fix crises here on US soil with our fellow Americans….. These are all great. It’s the rest of the 85% that’s the problem. Also it’s so nice to get 1400 dollars it only cost me 6k.. Yes let’s not mention that politicians and their staff are getting $21k – about 15x that being given to poor families. All of these people are still receiving full pay and most are multimillionaires …

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