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Susan Duhon Nah, keep your money. Beagle knowledge Poster. I don’t stress over this mess.

Beagle knowledge Poster

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White women made this mess, they can clean it up. I will, however, trouble you for some butter for my popcorn. When those taxes come out, and we see the fine details, I’m looking forward to the investigations into that! Judy Canup Dendy at what? Condemning those with lifestyles different than his? Acting on his beliefs and forgetting those who don’t share his rigid “Christian” faith? He is the poster child of intolerance. Oh…and he is also mentally challenged. Danny Allan nobody can run for president a third term. Why don’t you do some research instead of spreading stupidity around? Being impeached and being removed from office are two separate issues. Trump will be impeached, but The Senate majority is Republican and they’re afraid of trump. Beagle knowledge Poster. There is nothing to pardon him for. Senate conviction would be for only impeachable offenses not criminal. The penalty is removal from office. That cannot be pardoned. It will depend on how many people will testify to what they know. Mulvaney, Bolton, Perry Guiliani and probably a few others. If the whole truth is told Trump will be convicted. The problem with this is many Americans DO like president trump. With all due respect, Donaldson is completely wrong in his opinion and assessment on this one. Pence has zero to do with anyone’s feelings. Tell me how people can like him. He is ugly, vulgar and true evil. One day he will be judge for all life and all people he abused and let die. He cares only for reach and strong and taking advance of weak.He is old. Do not live forever.

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