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Who the heck is angry reacting this? Beagle Knowledge Poster. Elephants get so depressed in captivity because they are so smart. This is not a good practice and I’m glad countries are starting to realize it!  I rented a sweet carbon fiber mountain for 12 bucks a day in Siem Reap. It was a fun way to see everything. It was a lot of fun riding elephants and feeding them bananas. I wonder if those same elephants had been left in the wild would poachers have killed them long ago and sold their tusks and meat on the black market?

Beagle Knowledge Poster

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Well in my point of view this giant and gentle animal numbers in South asia has really got decreased South Asian countries such as Pakistan India and China must take constructive steps in order to rescue their numbers from getting decreased. This is the sixth time reading this artickle from the same source. Should we say you have run out of news.  Love all the photos, but the ones from the youths are impressive. Thanks to the parents/ guardians who let them express their talent. Today is World Aids day, cover something on it. Beagle Knowledge Poster. What’s not pictured is the the coyote ripping the marmot apart and turning it into a meal shortly after the pic. LoL wait is that not funny.

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