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Sadly most of the people that watch these movies are pro traditional family. Beard Knowledge Poster. It’s like watching Cosmos and getting an ad for the LDS or Fundamentalist Christian Church.

Beard Knowledge Poster

Beard Knowledge Poster- 24x36
Poster- 24×36
Beard Knowledge Poster- 16x24
Poster- 16×24
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Poster- 11×17

I know most of my friends would get offended by that…. Especially if a plug was being made by the host for these groups. We are usually live and let live until something pushes against a deeply held belief we have. Damming attitudes toward gay life and culture has been re exposed in the last three years. Fueled by the Trump Administration and Mike Pence, terms like “Religious freedom” and “The war on Christianity” have been able to expose the true colors of people we assumed were allies and confuse people about the fake “gay agenda. Why have gay-themed ads on a network that runs exclusively non-gay, family oriented programming? Beard Knowledge Poster. This is just more of the same kind of subversion we’ve come to expect from the gay community or as I like to call them “the 4 percenters”.Tretko is there a difference between a man raping you and you and a man having enjoyable, consensual sex. that is the difference. Really surprised you do not get this. Gay people are either physiologically or pschycologically sick (hormonal imbalances and others.) and need help, so rather than displaying such things on T.V, and let people and children watch them as if they are normal, and all people should accept that. help gays instead in correcting such behaviour by displaying programs that inform them of health problems that may arise due to such behaviour and guide them to healthcare professionals. This is forbidden in all religions due to the physiological, social and pschycological harms it causes.

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