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Hilary owned the youth vote against trump. And Bernie owned the youth vote against hillary and biden. People under 40 wanted a candidate who got arrested protesting segregation in the 60’s, not biden who fought for segregation as a senator in the 70’s. The next president will not be the choice of people under 40. Beautiful Crazy Lyrics Poster. There’s not going to be an Election. The government is going to enact mandatory quarantine for up to a year or millions of American’s are going to die. The rest of the world already figured this out.

Beautiful Crazy Lyrics Poster

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Senator Joe Biden once said “Ralph Nader is not going to be welcome anywhere near the corridors. He cost us the election. God save me the purists.” Unless the Democratic Party fears progressives, it will always take them for granted and give them lip service. Lawrence O’Donnell said, “If you want to pull the major party that is closest to the way you’re thinking, you must show them that you’re capable of not voting for them.”
I will not be voting for Biden. He does not endorse the policies that I support. He even went a step further and said he would veto Medicare for all. Beautiful Crazy Lyrics Poster. Your tax credit plan for healthcare is a subsidy for insurance companies and gives adverse incentives for those companies to raise prices. Your drug war policies have been awful, and I cannot believe you are unwilling to oppose marijuana legalization. I cannot trust you to not sign a bad bill because you have a long history of capitulating to Republican demands.

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