Beautiful Butterfly Steel Tumbler

Do you love it? Beautiful Butterfly Steel Tumbler. Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.



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So tell me, what’s your point? Beautiful Butterfly Steel Tumbler. Do you think it’s ok to continue partying and not avoiding crowds cos HCW are there to treat you?

Beautiful Butterfly Steel Tumbler

Beautiful Butterfly Steel Tumbler- 20 oz
Tumbler- 20 oz

Mind you, we can lessen the people getting infected, lessen the work load on HCW and lessen the worrying of our family by avoiding crowds. Beautiful Butterfly Steel Tumbler. Let’s be responsible enough not to add the load on these overworked HCW. People will not fear until death close to them just take italy as example it because selfishness and underestimate virus once the situation out of control it too late to regret. HCW have put themselves at risk prior to Covid 19. But why should we make there job harder by spreading this disease. Have you educated yourself on this disease. People can be infected without showing symptoms, and/or symptoms don’t show for 2-3 weeks, meanwhile infecting everyone they come in contact with. No treatment. No vaccine. Worst cases can’t breathe because they loose oxygen. It is a horrible way to die. This isn’t even really about you. It is about keeping those close to you safe from the pandemic. It is real and getting more real by the day. I am seriously overworked & so are nurses and drs and cna’s. I feel lucky I don’t work with any patients & that I am able to work in the hospital, but things are going downhill. Supplies dwindling, lack of available nurses. I’m hanging in there, over 60, diabetic 34 yrs, asthmatic. I was asked to work a 6th evening this week. I am tired and I need rest. My younger colleagues call out but I am here everyday. I haven’t even cleaned my house. I live alone & have groceries & such, but I need sleep.

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