I became a mask maker mug

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Most of our health care cost problems began when insurance companies were allowed to be for profit. I became a mask maker mug. Why would we want to give up our free postal service to a company whose goal is profit. Bernie is our true national leader!! Thank you so much for these town halls on topics that need attention. We The People have lost our country to the oligarchy and we need it back. Not to be rude…. but if you are just going to attack Bernie go away. I am a proud rural carrier. This is my job the best job I’ve had. I would rather see comments that are constructive.

I became a mask maker mug

I became a mask maker because your life is worth my time mug - black
mug – black

Bernie is still leading the way forward. He is the most honest politician on the political stage. I became a mask maker mug. I am proud to have supported him in his bid for the presidency. I continue to support him. Thank you for advocating to protect the postal service Bernie! Grateful for our postal workers and their hard work to keep us in receipt of mail especially during this Pandemic. You’re still breaking my heart by suspending your campaign. But you still show that you don’t need to be president to create change. I love you, Bernie Sanders! Thank you for giving my family hope. What is going to happen to the 640,000 employees of the USPS if this happens? What about people like me that have been dedicated employees for 25 plus years

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