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Fortunately even though we are seeing the effects of COVID-19 from all the protesting, and rioting, there is a positive side, the death rates are minuscule in comparison to those days of April. Bee mouth face mask. But no we’re not… where were the riots and where are the hotspots?

Bee mouth face mask

Bee mouth face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

No rioting in FL or Texas or AZ and yet they’re the ones with the hotspots. You’re going to have to spin harder. Tad Dicks Wrong widespread protesting and rioting in all of those areas you just mentioned, zero spin facts look it up If you actually had your head in the sand during that time. I could give video proof if CNN allowed it, but unfortunately they don’t so you will have to read and find the facts for yourself. I can lead a Marxist to documented facts, but I can’t force them to read and comprehend. Bee mouth face mask. You wanted cities open without masks. Stop trying to point the finger on the gruesome death of Mr. Floyd and face facts that these states not the cities of protesters refused to stay closed and refused to wear masks are in a deep pandemic now. Thanks for F-ing up Donna. People aren’t gonna stay inside during the summer especially after state and federal leaders have failed them. Try again in the fall. you seem to be suffering from some sort of cognitive dysfunction. Maybe try engaging in a conversation instead of hurling insults. I don’t believe these numbers people aren’t going through with the testing but yet they have positive test results I mean how if they didn’t even finish the test smh.

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