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You forgot that President Trump gave up his salary…. for his whole presidency, surely the First Lady has the right the decor the White House…it’s amazing what she did! Bee Knowledge Poster. That money would have gone to buying munitions to bomb poor Syrian Muslims, otherwise.

Bee Knowledge Poster

Bee Knowledge Poster - 24x36
Poster – 24×36
Bee Knowledge Poster - 16x24
Poster – 16×24
Bee Knowledge Poster - 11x17
Poster – 11×17

Oh wait, that was the last guy. Deb Norton, that was proven false. The official MAGA hats are made in California. Unofficial and pirated hats and banners are made in China. Leonie Myint what about the workers in the factories who made them? Do they not count? I bet they are happy to have a job and get a paycheck. I live in Burma and we try and help the needy as much as we can but it is overwhelming at times. I know it is not my business but just wishing I had that kind of budget to help the needy. You are absolutely right. “Cold” is the perfect word to describe it. Bee Knowledge Poster. Cold, aloof, certainly not welcoming or caring. Mrs. Trump has not accomplished any of the good of prior First Ladies. I was waiting/hoping for a shout out to an infamous fashion choice. As for as actual aesthetics, meh. Sometimes less is more. The above is a response to trumpite Susan Cook who is criticizing Elza DeCarlo, who like the rest of the same people can see what Melania is. DeCarlo useless first “lady” was the one before, you know, Moochelle who every time she opened her pie hole hatred came spewing out. The “lady” who had more personal assistants than any other First Lady in history.

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