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So what your saying is it’s Obama’s fault as he knew their was Russian interference but chose to do nothing because “Clinton is the sure thing. Bee Knowledge Poster. Ford pardonded Nixon and not a thing could be done.

Bee Knowledge Poster

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I want the idiot in chief out but i want to see him in jail! Banks this fool comes along and blatantly corrupted 2016. You mean the racist community organizer from chicago? For over 200 years America was proud of peaceful transfer of power, and then barack shows up and corrupts everything. Racist America hating pos. McClary in order to uphold the constitution and to keep our country a democracy! I think that’s extremely important. Don’t you? To preserve the Constitution and to protect the Congress from becoming second to and not equal to the Executive Branch. McClary the only reason our country is so called torn apart is because everyone believes everything they watch on tv. This country is under complete and total control. Bee Knowledge Poster. After over three years of the Trumps, I still don’t see folks littering the landscape afflicted with the destruction of the democracy that Democrats have been hollering about, I only see folks with better paying jobs, consuming stuff and happily going about their lives. Have you seen a single panel of democrat contributors on MSNBC or CNN explain the dem party legislative, regulatory and policy plans for providing economic prosperity to the nation? Let’s face it – If it were up to the globalist establishment, corrupt manipulative media, both parties, and their globalist masters, that evil-unethical-disingenuous-dishonest-power-monger-puppet Hillary “Madame Secretary” Clinton would’ve long since have been anointed queen by now.

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