Bee Low Top

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Oh now wouldn’t that just be CNN’s , Adam “the weasel “ Schiff’s , Nancy. Bee Low Top. I pray for the president every day” and all the fanatical hate Trump followers dreams come true.

Bee Low Top

Bee Low Top Shoes- picture 1
Low Top Shoes- picture 1
Bee Low Top Shoes- picture 2Bee Low Top Shoes- picture 2
Low Top Shoes- picture 2
Bee Low Top Shoes- picture 3
Low Top Shoes- picture 3

Trump is diagnosed positive he he goes the way of many of the patient’s way in the Washington Old Folks Home ! Sad but true! The head of the Coronavirus Task Force has no Clue if the Fake President has been tested. IF anyone should have known that, it should have been you Mike. Epic Epic failure. Bee Low Top. The President could cure this virus and every virus known to man, cure cancer, heart disease and the media would still hate his guts. The employees still working at the nursing home have NOT been tested yet. If you don’t believe me go to king 5 in Seattle. The spokesperson for the nursing home announced this today. Wow, wouldn’t that be something if on account of his arrogance he’d infect everyone else in his administration. No, America is not that lucky. He should be tested for advanced syphilis first as it appears that his brain may not be working very well and he has a history of indiscreet sexual activity. Never fear our new god and messiah trump will save he’s the chosen one he said so himself and he would never ever ever ever lie to us and I do mean ever all you need to do is have faith. Death by a thousand idiots. Pence expounding on how he wishes he had breast like Milania while Trump listens in while becoming curiously aroused.

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