Bee Yourself Down Syndrome shirt and longsleeve tee

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I take it you didn’t watch the recent Spotlight series? Bee Yourself Down Syndrome. They are far from unsubstantiated. And I am not a republican.

Bee Yourself Down Syndrome

Bee Yourself Down Syndrome longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee
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Try not to let your bias get in the way there. Donna Sanderson you idiot , if you doubt the most labour manifesto in our lifetime , then you were obviously not even labour in the first instance as Johnson is evil. Sanderson the Queen had tea with Gerry, does that make her a terrorist sympathiser? No – it just makes her pragmatic. Grow up. If politcans where doing there jobs right you wouldn’t be arguing over the messes they create like adult children normal people are nothing to do with the mess before us so why dont you start seeing that. Sarah Louise aye, the Spotlight programme only contains allegations. Bee Yourself Down Syndrome. I presume you know what the term allegations means? Not a Republican? If you say so. You sure do jump to the Whataboutery of collusion rather quickly like Republicans do. I provided testimony from multiple sources who were intimately involved in the Northern Ireland peace process and the Good Friday Agreement negotiations. I certainly didn’t lift dubious information from Corbynista blog. You should listen now not normal people I dont care what they think if they cant see what’s in front of them is not normal I care for this country and the illusion that you hold any power over the eu now has gone. Labour told the lib dems to get on their bikes. Tories formed a coalition to get into power. And have been renting power from the DUP since the last election. Somehow labour is at fault. The conservatives continue to campaign against their own governance.

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