Believe in alien cloth mask

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Bernie come back and we will reject Trump people don’t want biden they want you. Believe in alien cloth mask. You are well and have awoken the younger generation look at this beautiful revolution that’s happening right now please come back and lead us. This is all very interesting but I would like to know where my recipe for onion soup is that Bernie promised me many years ago.

Believe in alien cloth mask

Believe in alien cloth mask - detail
cloth mask – detail

Well, I’d like to vote for you bud. Why must there be all this pressure to “vote blue no matter who”? I feel like you were pressured to drop out and it’s not fair. I wish you would stand firm in your morals and keep running no matter how much pressure you get from those idiots. I’m 99% sure I’m writing you in regardless of what they say. Believe in alien cloth mask. So like, I’m not backing down and neither should you. Just my two cents. He only wore it once and after he said “there is a right time and place for them”. That part ticked me off. Guess right time and place is when it does not inconvenience him. He should have been wearing one months ago and leading by example.

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