Bernie Sanders the man the myth the mittens mug

Do you love it? Bernie Sanders the man the myth the mittens mug.  Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.

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Serena AlexanderAll of the way  . Jay TiemGeorgia, save us from the new Jim Crow and the Dirty Dozen. VOTE WARNOCK & OSSOFF!!! . Colleen BakerSenator Ossoff, so happy that you and Senator Warnock are going to Washington. Congratulations from California.  . Top FanTom LiederbachSTOP LEFT AND RIGHT WING EXTREMISM AND WASHINGTON GRIDLOCK: GIVE MODERATE, BIPARTISAN BIDEN A NON-SOCIALIST SENATE THAT HEALS AMERICA. VOTE OSSOFF AND WARNOCK. This former (Republican) Christian Coalition Director urges we VOTE OSSOFF AND WARNOCK. . Mike AntonT.I., Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, Jermaine Dupri, DJ Hurricane, Debra Atney, Lil Wayne and Toya Carter. Turnit’ out or tossit’ out!2 . Top FanAlia MathewsOnly took maybe five minutes too vote. In and out5 . Sedell Altenhaus OdzeWe just have to win the senate. . Top FanTom Liederbach95% of Trump loyalists KELLY LOEFFLER and DAVID PERDUE supporters are WHITE. Is this a RED flag?! What is even more disturbing is when the vast majority of them recognize this, they are not even ashamed. Passive RACISTS for Senators Loeffler and Perdue… See More  Bernie Sanders the man the myth the mittens mug

Bernie Sanders the man the myth the mittens mug

Bernie Sanders the man the myth the mittens mug 1
Bernie Sanders the man the myth the mittens mug 3
Bernie Sanders the man the myth the mittens mug 2

Willie WilliamsonGEORGIA: NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TONIGHT…WE ARE SO VERY PROUD OF YOU!1 . Joel Paz PadillaYou are goin to be the next u.s senator 3 . Manik SikdarFrom Sweden wish you best of luck and stay safe with family. I saw your debate (though you were the only candidate present) presentation and was impressed by your excellent and realistic explanations to find solutions of problems. It seems you have a … See More . Dest YoddezThe Wealth Gap ShrinksThe three years before the pandemic saw big gains for lower earners. | The Wealth Gap ShrinksOpinion | The Wealth Gap Shrinks . Ed TaiwoJew wins ! . Top FanHelen OlbrechtGeorgia you have Hero work to do! EVERY BLUE VOTE MATTERS! Please you have the power to save our Democratic System!! 1 . Vera Miller In Jackson GA, this post says employees are not being allowed to vote. Read the post for details. . Thirumurugan KarunakaranTHE KINGDOM OF GOD is in your hands GEORGIA : OF GOD????‍♂️?‍♂️??KINGDOM OF GOD????‍♂️?‍♂️??  Bernie Sanders the man the myth the mittens mug

Bernie Sanders the man the myth the mittens mug

Kevin WalkerVOTE BLUE TODAY & $2K IS HEADED YOUR WAY … See More1 . Kamau Dickson Mbuguajon i told you the truth you called me a trollare you ready Jondavid and kelly david and kelly david and kelly… See More . Sebastian RichterYour agenda is FAR too radical, although I like some parts. Vote RED.4 . Ötal Mägrëllö MödernöhDo you know Joe Biden talked about the essential work of Bitcoin and how it helps essentially today in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA USA here is the company that grows my Bitcoin to my taste and they’re % safe and reliable thanks to TIME OF PROFIT I… See MoreT.METIME OF PROFIT INVESTMENT (TOP PROFITⓂ️)TIME OF PROFIT INVESTMENT (TOP PROFITⓂ️) . Top FanTom LiederbachCALLING ALL MATURE, BALANCED CHRISTIAN WOMEN: please help backsliding sisters supporting Republicans see they are backstabbing millions of women and girls across America. Rom.1:32 warns not to support (vote) the reputation/conduct of sin or you will be… See More

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