Bert sesame street face mask

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I dont think ur military leaders (commander in chief excepted) are evil, but the corporatisation of the provisioning services that support them is. If core services were nationalised, with civilian (transparent, government) oversight, it might do less harm. Bert sesame street face mask. But the need to spend money to support corporate profiteering requires perpetual war.

Bert sesame street face mask

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face mask – detail

Why is it that MAGAmonkeys feel that laughing at people and calling them snowflakes or cupcakes makes them sound even remotely intelligent, could prove their quite often dulled point or add any validity whatsoever to their arguments through grade-school-level insult tirades? Bert sesame street face mask. All I ever read when I see words such as theirs is “Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck!!! ‘Murrica, y’all!” while imagining someone balancing a beer on their pot belly as they sit in a lawn chair attempting and failing to keep the q-tip from entering the great depths of their ear canal, paranoiacally watching through their aviator sunglasses to make sure no one with a darker skin color than them dares to approach or walk by their big ol’, diesel guzzlin pickup truck which, interestingly enough have been being constructed with foreign-made components for decades.

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