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Coming from the same polls that had killary winning by a large number right? best of zim face mask. If creepy joe does win will he remember it the next day?

best of zim face mask


You know the whole early onset dementia thing. No such word. So trump saying he wants to date his daughter and gropes her is ok, but you call Biden creepy. Oh and the dementia thing, trump has full onset dementia. Ever listen to him talk? Biden has been in his basement for months hiding from the virus. Either that or he couldn’t figure out how to get out. Get it right. Trump has over 25 sexual assault allegations. I’d rather have someone who kisses than someone who rapes, gropes, and sexually abuses women like trump. I got one triggered here , gonna be a good one. best of zim face mask. You conveniently forget that Hillary Clinton DID win the nationwide popular vote. The polls were correct. It was due to very localized patterns in three states that caused the electoral vote victory for Trump. Not replay the 2016 election again, but you brought it up. Remember, the majority of U.S. voters voted AGAINST Trump. The 2020 election will see an even bigger anti-Trump vote. Is fixed, but knowing that I am dealing with lots of uneducated, is exactly the same as “ yourself, but while typing you hit the letter next to it which happens to be at. If that is all you have to aport to this, you must really be bored as heck. Good night. Might have to sue because of a terrible break of mental emotions.

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