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Mary Kathryn BludnickSo excited to see them all…I have laughed, screamed at the top of my lungs at the TV when something sinister was going to happen and I have shed my share of tears…so many tears for the loss of our heroes…We have been so blessed to have you all in our lives….thank you so much for all of you…12 . Jennifer AnnoI showed my middle school students this today at the end of each class period… I was not the only one with tears of pure joy!10 . Tracy NortonAm I the only one who cries when Chadwick boseman comes on …black panther forever 22 . Monika Godo E DI have no idea how i need to watch when I want to start in story timeline… for me, a bit too much nonsense come up, and really not much changes. But I did not seen all series.. series? I have no idea. I think, in 2023 i will watch G O G and thats all) But Marvel definitely did a great job with the Team. Well done.5  Best Freakin Auntie Ever 3D Hoodie

Best Freakin Auntie Ever 3D Hoodie

Karen SaquisameThat was awesome. Marvel studios sending positivity amidst the pandemic.5 . Sara Joan HauckWell, this member is in pain over the loss of a friend from alcohol poisoning and narcotizing fascitis. He was an MP in the US Army, video game enthusiast, dad to two little girls, a good friend, loved to grill hunt and fish, introduced me to the work of Dave Chappelle and Guitar Hero, and loved the Vikings and the Celtics. He was proud of his girls. He dressed Quinn in Knicks pj’s when they got home. Don’t quote me, but it was basketball. He probably did the same for Halle. I don’t know. He stood up for me. I’ll never forget him.6 . Lynda HodgesAMAZING.. loved every second of it. I want to see them all.17 . Kristille JohnsFirst part had me crying, second part had me smiling, last part is exciting! Can’t wait! 3 . Benjamin Conrad JonesI was wonder what are the actors reaction to that opening night clip? Like the amount of joy and excitement and love in the moment heard and shared around the world is so powerful. How does it feel for the people who made it.39  Best Freakin Auntie Ever 3D Hoodie

Best Freakin Auntie Ever 3D Hoodie

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