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Kamaala should feel so proud to have locked up so many minorities, and kept them in jail longer then they were supposed to to get cheap labor. She is a beacon of hope. She has time to do this, yet she has no time to visit the border and straighten out the mess. She has time to do this, yet she has no time, while married to a Jew, to condemn the comments of Omar, Tlaib and Cortez. Despicable leadership.. Sure sad our military does have a true American Vice President to look up to. How’s that border your supposed to be taking care of coming along? Is that crickets I hear?. Gen Mike Flynn represented the same and you destroyed his life.. How about a conversation on why she is scared to go to the border that is wide open.. She won’t let this woman talk without interrupting her. She should be at border! Best Indigenous Dad Ever Mug

Best Indigenous Dad Ever Mug

Please Mr, immediately eritrean and ethiopian troop withdraw from ethiopia tigray. Well… with all due respect…. 90% of the Navy is made up of males… and so this is a bit of window dressing. Has she spoken to and about them with feeling?. This made me smile and feel really good. So good to see two strong women and how uplighting they can be. Thank you for sharing this. God Bless.. What an inspiring conversation! Lead the way you two!. Wait until she insults you behind your back like the marines but thats ok if you check the right boxes.. World PRESIDENT, sending greatings to your leadership yo such examporaly PRESIDENT, sad news here in Uganda citizens are dying like insects on orders of one family, please stop asociating with the murderal, and all financial services from USA should be stopped immediately #Ugandan lives Matters #All political prisoners must be freely unconditionally, genocide took place on 18th and 19th November 2020, should be documented to the International human rights council Best Indigenous Dad Ever Mug

Best Indigenous Dad Ever Mug

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