Big Ass Cats Welcome Doormat

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Khulani Simphiwe NeneThank you to the Gates family.Both humanitarian and philanthropist generous gift to universal health.65 . Brian SmolderBill gates is awesome!65 . Mary SameerI have had Covid and I survived it recently, I do know how serious and awful it can get.Thank you for all your help and wonderful work that you do to improve our world, I know there are many peeps out there attacking you but also there are many many m… See More78 . Ogunjobi Onesimus IfeYour letter (above) may be a fact but the truth is that God defines event.However, men love to neglect God.God is love81 . Erik Eno LionprinceIs Bill Gates a medical doctor or a Microsoft engineer? . Because this guy talks on health issues more than on software issue. Just my humble opinion 83 . Michael G. PowellI’m not defined by what I lived through. I’m defined by how I lived through it.21 . Nanette NilssenThank you, Bill and Melinda Gates for your intelligent analysis and presentation. You are truly inspirational.295  Big Ass Cats Welcome Doormat

Big Ass Cats Welcome Doormat

Ikon Dá SàGéThe pandemic does not affect you. Don’t talk like U know what the average human is going through, U r getting millions every second during this pandemic while the rest of us are plunged into poverty and dependancy.112 . Mumba M JustineOur lives are in God’s hands big man76 . Ike MasingaThank you Bill and Melinda Gates, you do make the world a better place. Please ignore insults from misguided people.God bless you164 . Mathapelo DitshegoEvery dog has its day including you Bill 52 . Macmillan MwenifumboLeave medicine alone and focus on improving Xbox52 . Ezekiel FrancisWell it doesn’t matter to anyone dying and the people who suffer, you Mr Gates still alive & passing letters. You know this is coming 10 years ago could have done something to stop rather sending message 34 . Adam GrimmDoes anybody actual support this Satanist? 78 . Richie CidadeDude you cant even fix computer viruses. Spare me.81  Big Ass Cats Welcome Doormat

Big Ass Cats Welcome Doormat

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