Big sister middle sister little sister shirts

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Isn’t Pee Wee a frickin’ genius. One of the really smart seditionists. Merrick Garland will be looking into the riots. Take a long bike ride Pee Wee.. Well. The GOP is sure quick to call anything the Democrats do “Socialists”. Among more polite terms.. Biden needs to be impeached. He is not loyal to the American people his concerns are with illegals and getting Democratic votes for the future. We need Trump, the president who worked for the people!. You have blood on your hands. You invited a riot and good men and women died. I’m sorry you’re connected to our state.. You are a Neanderthal, incapable of logical thinking. Your fallacy was “there is nothing wrong with following the science and allowing people to make their own decisions…” those two don’t align. Allowing someone to make their own decision about socia… See More. Biden is the biggest neanderthal of them all, and right behind him is Harris and Pelosi. Big sister middle sister little sister shirts

Big sister middle sister little sister shirts

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Biden not even a real president, was not elected fair, and other ones are pulling the puppet strings. all you Biden lovers name one thing he has done that is good for the citizens of this country, ONE. It is terribly undignified to spend your time with petty posts. What about doing something noble that you were elected to do? Oh no that’s right you are self serving and focused on divisive words. What a waste.. Comparing republicans to Neanderthals does a disservice to Neanderthals. Hope you will be in prison soon for treason.. If Biden doesn’t like Mississippi then we must be doing something right.. You’re never gonna be President, Josh. Cope.. Not if you disagree with Biden, it’s if you disagree with the scientific and medical community on something IN THEIR FIELD OF EXPERTISE.. A Neanderthal still thinks better than a vegetable, which is exactly the brain activity Biden is displaying. Big sister middle sister little sister shirts

Big sister middle sister little sister shirts

Can’t say the GOP is doing much uniting when you go against every bill that’s brought forward. Even the ones that will help your own constituents you a$$wipe. . Way to distort what Biden meant.. Same thinking in TX that left at least 82 deaths, 4.5 million homes & businesses without power, and an estimated $200 billion in property damage. Tell us again about Joe Biden’s plan to destroy America.. “Sloppy Joe” is a Neanderthal expert!! HE IS ONE!!. If Missouri did follow the science, we would have a mask mandate. You’ve caved to ignorant,selfish thinking. And don’t cast Missouri as used to being used to being flyover country. That was manipulative of you to say. We are being **called out** for no… See More. Going to be so glad when Missourians flush you.. Hawley, you are not a Neanderthal … you are forever branded a SEDITIONIST!!. Can we be deplorable neanderthals? Asking for a friend!

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