Bigfoot believe american flag

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Some of it could very well be structural bias. But we can’t assume that as covid-19 symptoms are worse with people with low vitamin D and the darker your skin the less vitamin D you get naturally from the sun. Bigfoot believe american flag. What the Democratic Party is doing to this man is abuse, and it’s absolutely mind blowing that anyone would support Biden without knowing who his VP is. Joe won’t be running anything. The man is sick and needs help.

Bigfoot believe american flag

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flag – pic 1
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flag – pic 2

What is the reason why I should vote for Joe Biden thou? He’s been in politics for about 50 years now with no known, well established meaningful achievement. However, there is a long list of bad legacies including NAFTA, voting for IRAQ war, advocating for segregation, the 1994 Crime bill, job loses, China etc all championed by Biden. Bigfoot believe american flag. The guy is almost 78, let the guy retire already. There is nothing good to offer except raise people’s taxes, increase regulations, send American jobs to other countries, and allow China to cheat as he has done for his 50 years in politics. Know what’s really a national disgrace? that you say NOTHING about the black on black murders in dem-run cities. 6 kids younger than 14 died in black shootings this past weekend. yet you and the MSM ignore it. why? because black lives don’t matter to the Left.

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