Biker to my son love dad poster

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We love you and miss you, President Obama. I’m sure I am not alone in hoping Joe asks you to be part of his inner circle, if not the next Supreme Court Justice. Please consider it. The USA (and the world) needs you. I am going to vote and dropped off myself. my husband and my daughter to make sure we’re counted. Biker to my son love dad poster. I am taking to the Fairfax County Virginia.There was some issues the msil in Virginia because the return envelope had Fairfax city instead Fairfax County. that will not stop me to dropped off in person Vote Blue Biden and Kamala. we all need to vote out Trump so we could go back to normal life again.

Biker to my son love dad poster

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Biker to my son love dad poster 1
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Biker to my son love dad poster 2

All states need to increase the amount of drop boxes & we need a massive volunteer program to help people get their ballots to the drop box in lieu of mailing if this sabotage continues. I’m in a state where we’ve had at least three presidential visits and two vice president visits this 3030 election year. Biker to my son love dad poster. Arizona is one of the swing states. Mail sorters are being dismantled with no reason why and drop off boxes in Oregon are being hauled away. Does anyone with a free will see this happening? IF there is a miracle, we’d better have some options for getting someone to vacate the premises. It will NOT be pretty. Biden-Harris 2020. It is 12,30 am August 15th in the morning, I just came home and turn on the news and it’s on all the main stream news channel about the mailboxes that was being taken away in Montana and the plan was wity Donald Trump and his crony the postmaster to do it nationwide but because of the outrage from the people and the media reported except “FOX NEWS OF COURSE!”, They just put it on hold!.. This is pure treason against United States

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