Cardinal To My Husband In Heaven Mug

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Green she dosnt need to make money she earnt her money without the need to marry into the royals and would have earnt more. Cardinal To My Husband In Heaven Mug. If she hadn’t married him.

Cardinal Bird To My Husband In Heaven Mug

Bird To My Husband In Heaven Mug - white
Mug – white

I see,so she went chasing after a prince,you must have been there when they got together,u also must have been consulted,do u trolls read half of the nonsense you write,id be ashamed if I were to have so much hate for people I dont even know.what do you people even teach your kids with the level of hatred and bull you write on social media daily.Prince decided to marry this woman,he chose her and not anybody else,get it through that thick skull of yours,He loves his wife. Didn’t take her long to be out and about in Canada plugging her new agenda . Cardinal To My Husband In Heaven Mug. Wouldn’t you think she’d have the decency to let things cool down before she hops on her own personal publicity stunt. Her friends made the letter public probably with her knowledge….her dad was then approached to give his side of the story…and why shouldn’t he? Letters remain the intellectual property of the person who writes them. So no matter who gave them the letter, if they didn’t have Megan’s permission to print then they have broken the law. Simple as that. Yes, apparently he gave it to one of her friends who gave it to the newspaper….with her permission? Knowledge? These people use the press all the time to manipulate opinion but cry when it backfires. The media doesn’t work for them, they just think it does.

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