Black Queen I am africa poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Black Queen I am africa poster. Order now before lose it forever.



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And ignore Josie. Black Queen I am africa poster. That’s someone who wants your money.

Black Queen I am africa poster

Black Queen I am africa poster - A4
poster – A4
Black Queen I am africa poster - A2
poster – A2
Black Queen I am africa poster - A1
poster – A1

It’s accurate enough for what you need. Black Queen I am africa poster. We love ours. My son had pneumonia and I caught it early because I used this and it said 179 heart rate. Had I not had this I would have figured he had a cold and no other issues. We caught it early so just antibiotics at home. In 2 weeks CNN will backtrack and tell everyone to get one just like masks. I think it’s pretty good to know at what point your O2 sats are dropping and u need to have your symptoms managed at the hospital. For those who can’t find an oximeter, there is an app called Oxygenio which can measure your levels with an Apple iPhone. I’ve been using it with success. No, you don’t. Trust the symptoms first. There is no definitive oximetry reading for Coronavirus. COPD patients, part of the vulnerable population, will feel fine at certain readings, while someone else with those same readings will be in distress. Actually you are wrong. Your oxygen drops and you pass out. The drs told us that if most people had these it would stop the respirator because they could get help before it went in the 80’s. Brandon, at this point people are being asked to be their own doctor with this virus. “Wait til you have trouble breathing” to go to the hospital…it’s terrible advice and the CDC should be called out on this. My dad just spent 20 days on a ventilator and a pulse ox meter could’ve gotten him to the hospital earlier! Doctors wondered how he was still alive when he got to the ER, thats how bad he was. Yet he was talking and walking!

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